What happens when you come to Quaker Meeting?

Our faith and practice spring from our understanding that every person can experience a direct relationship with God, even though, this might not be the kind of language you would use for yourself. This is not a concern for us. We invite you to settle with us together in silence. We offer you no set prayers or liturgy and there is no minister or priest in charge. In the stillness we wait in trust. It may feel at the beginning that the silent waiting is meditation. But you and we are not alone. We are engaged in a communal act, each of us paying attention to the centre, which may move imperceptibly to be within you or to be in the open space between us. Sometimes a person may stand and speak. This could be you, compelled by an insistent voice that you have something to say. We receive this ministry in the silence. What is said may have a profound effect upon you, maybe it will pass you by. Our worship will continue in silence. It is not a time for debate or discussion. The Meeting will end when two of the Friends present shake hands.

After some notices about our forthcoming activities, we will have tea or coffee and a biscuit and there is an opportunity to chat with each other.

You may find these short leaflets helpful.

Quaker Faith

Quaker Worship

Quaker Community

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